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We can offer competitive pricing for new installations in all the traction ranges, from a two stop domestic elevator to a high rise elevator group. We source new installations from the Ningbo Xinda Elevator Company. Each installation is backed by our highly trained staff in a programmed maintenance schedule. Elevator monitoring comes automatically with each installation package, enabling you to see your elevators status with only your computers web browser. (No special software needed)

More Information

For more information with regards to a new installation, start the ball rolling by going to our Sales Quote page and enter some basic details or contact our sales team

Door Controller We have developed a solid state PLC elevator car door controller. This replaces the multi relay/resistor control system found in most relay logic controllers. Three models operate either a direct current, single phase 240 volt or a three phase 400 volt door motors. No additional motor wiring or changes are required, however additional sensors are required on the door to indicate the door position and help the smooth door operation. More >>>.

Access Control We can apply full access controls to elevator systems either with our upgrade package or as a separate add on to your existing installation. Included in this control can be selected floor access times. For example, from 8.00am to 5.00pm access can be granted to all floors, between 5.00pm and 8.00pm, card access only to floors 1,2,5,9, after 8.00pm all floors require card access. More >>>.

Monitoring other Equipment We can include monitoring of other building equipment such as air conditioning units, after hours property gate status, pumps, either as running units or fault alarms. All this data can be viewed without any special software. Just use your normal web browser, log on with your access code and select the appropriate data to view. Alternatively SMS messages to your cell phone, pager, fax machine or pre-recorded telephone messages. This is handled by our companion company Equipment Monitoring (1995) Ltd. More >>>

Programmed Maintenance We can offer a programmed maintenance schedule to assist in getting the best from your valuable asset. This is especially enhanced if used in conjunction with the monitoring service as planned maintenance can be outputted from run or usage times. As a result maintenance is not doubled up or forgotten altogether. If you have a preferred maintenance contractor we can fax them at the beginning of the month with a list of the planned maintenance for that month. Planned outages are better received with building tenants than un-planned ones. More >>>

Keep in Touch We like to keep in touch with our clients. Even if you just want to be updated on our new services or products if you are not a regular client. Fill in our "keep in touch" form and we will email details on anything new we have to announce or a special deals. At the moment any new controller upgrade will be monitored free of charge for six months. (Although the controller comes with a standard monitoring installation package) six months of reports and you see how valuable it is. More >>>

Service Agents We are looking for Service and Installation Agents throughout New Zealand. Fill out our "Expression of Interest" form and we will post you a set of contract details. If you already look after a number of elevators in your area, then just adding a monitoring package can improve your game against the local competitors not to mention a controller upgrade. As an Agent, you will receive product and services discount packages. The discount will relate to the expenditure level in your area. More >>>

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