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Our Privacy and Pricing Policy

It is our company policy that all our communications via this web site or our company are held in strict confidence. We do not offer names, addresses, emails and company details to any third party whatsoever.

All pricing from this web site, further communications and confirmation are related to the individual enquiry. Prices are not transferable to another party and may be subject to a confirmation update if the original enquiry alters.

Our prices on this web site are set by our company at the time of the web pages are written. However prices at confirmation may be subject to overseas trading of the New Zealand and Australian dollar and current availability of product. All products are suitable for use in New Zealand and Australia and comply with the current standards and acts.

All access to our new eSERVICE database is limited to authorised client, agents and logging staff. No access is granted to clients or agents who do not have service contract. Cancellation or expiry of a service contract automatically cancels any eSERVICE access rights.



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