Monitoring Products

The monitoring section of our company is mainly handled by our sister company data centre, EML Data Pty Ltd. However we detail here what we offer in the monitoring of your elevator. For monitoring of other equipment such pumps, HAVC units, go to Equipment Monitoring Ltd
  • Real time event monitoring using a broadband internet connection
  • Alarm monitoring using a dialup internet connection
  • Login from a standard web browser to view current elevator status (suitable for building managers)
  • Use monitoring data to program regular maintenance
  • Alert service companies direct in the event of a malfunction (fax,email,txt,msg)
  • Step-up-ladder service call out (on-call/supervisor/manager/director)
  • Trend equipment performance in graphical form
  • Have log files faxed or emailed on a regular basis
  • Service response log files available to service company and client
  • Shutdown selected elevators not reguired via remote control (web browser)
  • Our databases and web servers have an uptime of 99.99% with full daily backup
  • Reports are available on demand 24 hours a day
  • Update or software access from our central service centre to make operation changes without costly site visits
  • Voice link to after hours answering service, including ring back
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Real Time events can be monitored via our website from a standard web browser. Our database supports most web broswers. The monitoring equipment connected to the installation is required to be connected via a broadband network internet connection. If a major client has a business broadband internet connection to their business network, we only require an access point to the network for the monitoring data. No other extra telephone line or internet connection is required. Data supplied from the monitoring equipment is not a direct stream feed to clients, however the delay is only a few seconds. Real time data streamed from the monitoring equipment is logged onto our database. This provides a history of data. Service agents do have direct real time access to check operation or make change to a elevator control system.

GPRS monitoring is done on a specified event. Reporting to our database only happens on an event. The monitoring equipment contects via a GPRS modem, does away with the standard telephone line. This service is the basic monitoring installation, but can generate a call either via fax/email/txt services. GPRS monitoring is live back to our central database every 24 hours the general health of the overall system. Real time data is available via this method.

A registered client can use a standard web browser via an internet connection, login name and a password to access their details of events particular to their elevator installation. This can be done via broadband monitoring to view data every 5 seconds or the current event status from a dialup monitoring unit. (the latter is a static page showing the last update). A client is registered and forwarded login details once an monitoring installation is complete and online.

Monitoring data can be used to set maintenance programs based on equipment run hours. This type of preventative maintenance programing can catch expensive breakdowns and client downtime. With this option we can set up preventive maintenance with a client feedback, updates and problem catching. We provide all the paper work, like site log books, servicemen log books, next program of maintence required and much more.

Service companies can be contacted direct from our monitoring equipment. You keep you current service company. We just contact the right person within your current service company. This is automatically done and can be done via either a fax, email or sms text messages. The service person must acknowledge a message within a certain peroid or the call goes up the service company management ladder. For example if a response is not received within the preset peroid a second call may go to a supervisor or department manager. This ensures a prompt response from the service company and ultimately a good service company/client relationship.

Reports on saved data can be recalled and reassembled in graphic form or just log reports. These can be down loaded from our website, either in pre formatted reports or just a download raw log. This data is available on demand 24 hours a day. Our database and web servers have an up time of 99.99%, with daily full back backups. These reports can also be produced to the client and/or service companies on a reqular basis.

Shutdown specific elevators remotely during slow peroids or set parking levels on special or specific days. This option is only available with our electronic elevator controller upgrade or limited options with a dialup service. This option does not override emergency services such as fire service or earthquake trip functions. Operation of emergency services overides any remote command.

With a monitored system and our controller upgrade, our service centre can perform an software upgrade or a firmware option from the service centre. This eliminates the need of a serviceman call to site to do the upgrade and can be updated usually within 24 hours. We can check the status of an elevator, reset the elevator, make changes in the operation and much more. This option does not effect safety or ledgeslative operation functions. On site functions such as earthquake trip and a firemans reset can not be made remotely. Functions like this have to be done on site.

24 hour answering service voice option is also available with our monitoring package. Our monitoring centre handles calls from elevators as per the elevator code requirements. Our equipment can also offer a call back option, with the answering service being able to call an elevator back in the case of advising a possbile trapped passenger a serviceman ETA.