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Monitoring Services


We can offer a fully comprehensive monitoring services for not only elevators, but for all types of equipment. The type of monitoring depends on the type of internet connection to the building. Broadband internet connection can give a realtime picture of what is happening with your equipment, including trending such as a temperature in a chiller or the number of starts the sump pump has made over the last 24 hours. This then can set programmed maintenance for equipment and machinery.
Direct call out to a service company can automaticaly be made via pager, cell phone text, recorded messaging or send a email/fax. The reporting is limited only by the information collected and your response requirements.
For buildings/installtion that only have a dialup connection, then reporting can be done on an event, programmed times of the day or we can dial back to collect latest information.
The best thing about viewing the data, is via the normal web browser on your PC. No special software is required. From your monitored requirements, the web page is set up just for you. Access is via a secure connection with your own password.

More Information

For more information with regards to a monitored installation, start the ball rolling by going to our Sales Quote page and enter some basic details or contact our sales team

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