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Welcome to EML Elevators

Our New Zealand National call number for 24/7 service is now 0800 101 064

Our Fax number has changed - new number is 09 2812515

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What some of our clients say

I can not believe how quiet the lift is after the controller upgrade - magic
John - Elite Body Corp


I like the online client portal. I can now see what the lifts are doing at all the buildings I look after
Stan - Johnson Enterprises


The eSERVICE that EML Elevators provide help us action problems immediately and the automatic maintenance schedule is tops
Barry - Hotspark Electrical


That lumpy, bump start/stop hydraulic lift is now as smooth as a baby's ..... after a pump controller upgrade.
Karen - West King Hospice


We upgraded the old manual lift doors to automatic ones. Made a big difference to the aged and wheel bound - money well spent
Joanne - Mission Rest Home

  Introducing just a few of our Products & Services:

  • New installation of Commercial & Domestic Lifts
  • Machine Roomless Installations
  • Roped or Hydraulic
  • Old Lift Upgrades
  • Remote Monitoring, installed free with any upgrade
  • Planned or Programmed Maintenance
  • Dumb Waiters - Installed or supplied as a kit
  • Client Access to Web Based information on their Installation/s and/or Building Units
  • Client Access to Web Based Account Details
  • Lift Access Control
  • Refurbished Lift Door Controller
  • Refurbished Lift Interiors
  • eService available to third party Lift Companies
  • Separate 24/7 Call Centre for Australia and New Zealand
  • Automatic Fault Call to Service Agent
  • Agent Access to Client Equipment and Maintenance Schedules
  • Automatic Maintenance - Time and Run Based
  • Save power and extend the life of your lift at the same time with an upgrade pack
  • Quiet running with out new electronic controller
  • Competitive Maintenance Packages

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arrow   Door Controller We have developed a solid state PLC elevator car door controller. This replaces the multi relay/resistor control system found in most relay logic controllers. Three models operate either a direct current 130 volt DC, single phase 240 volt or a three phase 400 volt door motors. No additional motor wiring or changes are required, however additional sensors are required on the door to indicate the door position and help the smooth door operation.
More >>>.


arrow   Access Control We can apply full access controls to elevator systems either with our upgrade package or as a separate add on to your existing installation. Included in this control can be selected floor access times. For example, from 8.00am to 5.00pm access can be granted to all floors, between 5.00pm and 8.00pm, card access only to floors 1,2,5,9, after 8.00pm all floors require card access. More >>>.


arrow  Monitoring other Equipment We can include monitoring of other building equipment such as air conditioning units, after hours property gate status, pumps, either as running units or fault alarms. All this data can be viewed without any special software. Just use your normal web browser. More>>>


arrow  Programmed Maintenance We can offer a programmed maintenance schedule to assist in getting the best from your valuable asset. This is especially enhanced if used in conjunction with the monitoring service as planned maintenance can be outputted from run or usage times. As a result maintenance is not doubled up or forgotten altogether. More >>>


arrow  Keep in Touch We like to keep in touch with our clients. Even if you just want to be updated on our new services or products if you are not a regular client. Fill in our "keep in touch" form and we will email details on anything new we have to announce or a special deals. More >>>


arrow  Service Agents We are looking for Service and Installation Agents throughout New Zealand and Australia. Fill out our "Expression of Interest" form and we will post you a set of contract details. If you already look after a number of elevators in your area, then just adding a monitoring package can improve your game against the local competitors not to mention a controller upgrade. As an Agent, you will receive product and services discount packages. More >>>

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