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Company Profiles

EML Elevators Ltd and EML Elevators (Australia) Pty Ltd have been formed to handle this new controller and in conjunction with Equipment Monitoring (1995) Ltd who handle the monitoring section. The original company director has been in the elevator industry for a number of years and has some in depth knowledge in elevator operating and monitoring systems. We now have a number of contract associates who have poured R & D into our products and are very skilled in rapid installation and conversions. EML Elevators Ltd and EML Elevators (Australia) Pty Ltd also import the new Xinda Elevators from China at very competitive prices. Contact our sales team for more details.

Ningbo Xinda Elevators Co. Ltd have been in business since 1972 manufacturing elevators and escalators. They employ over a 1000 personnel and have 100 people in R & D. They are situated in the Ningbo City industrial area. With annual sales over US$50 million and a world wide sales focus. Their range of product is quite large, covering most aspects of the elevator and escalator market. Xinda Elevators are backed by the parent company of China Ningbo Xinda Group.

Company Contacts

As we do not operate from a central factory or operations office, personal contacts for different departments are varied. However all our communications are channeled through our Group Office web site, emails and telephone/fax.

Group Office and all of the group companies are registered with offices at :

New Zealand Head Office - Auckland

Level 4, 18 Albert Street
Auckland CBD
P O Box 106767
Auckland City
Auckland, 1143
New Zealand

Tel 0800 101 064 (NZ)
Tel +64 6 753 2299
Fax +64 6 927 3034
Australian Office
ABN 61 126 662 164

Unit 9/23 Lenoard Ave
Currumbin Waters, 4223
P O Box 3092
Currumbin DC
Gold Coast
Queensland, 4223

Tel +61 7 31750528 (new as of 01/05/2011)
Fax - Because of today's technology - we no longer operate a fax line

New Zealand Workshop - Wellington

New Zealand Workshop - Auckland


New Zealand Email Contacts:

Company General Sales: sales@emlgroup.co.nz
Technical Support: support@emlgroup.co.nz
Company Accounts: accounts@emlgroup.co.nz
Monitoring Enquiry/Sales: monitor@emlgroup.co.nz
Elevator Enquiry/Sales: elevate@emlgroup.co.nz

Australia Email Contacts:

Company General Sales: sales@emlgroup.com.au
Technical Support: support@emlgroup.com.au
Company Accounts: accounts@emlgroup.com.au
Monitoring Enquiry/Sales: monitor@emlgroup.com.au
Elevator Enquiry/Sales: elevate@emlgroup.com.au

For a first off informal contact requesting information - click here

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