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 Service Lift (Dumb Waiter)      Follow this link for a Dumb Waiter explanation

With many enquiries in New Zealand and Australia for a domestic Dumb Waiter to carry groceries and similar goods from the basement to the kitchen and because every unit has to fit into a varying range of opening and shaft sizes. EML Elevators are now supplying Dumb Waiters in a kitset form.
You can now order a Dumb Waiter to suit your particular situation, either as a full kit or as parts. You may wish to just purchase the hoisting equipment and install the cabin or the exterior doors to you own design.

Dumb Waiters are not designed/permitted to carry people or pets

Our basic units are now only available in 80kg size, domestic version only - Discontinued line - Contact us now for more info

A new range of Commercial units are now available - Click here to download brochure

Coming soon - an online Web Store to see whats available, delivery and pricing
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